Creative Practice: Art, Design and Communication UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma

Course overview

This two-year course is for you if you want to learn how to build, push, develop, and master your creative skills.

On this course, you will be introduced to and will develop skills using a wide range of materials including traditional materials, techniques and processes. Also

encouraged are the exploration of some more non-traditional techniques that you may not be so familiar with.


  • Printmaking
  • Textiles
  • 3D printing
  • Digital Art
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Metal work
  • Photography

We embrace learning and making mistakes whilst we work together to identify your future goals in the first year. In the second year, we challenge and direct your learning to help you reach your individual goals.

Students leaving the course will have gained the skills, industry requirements and a portfolio of work that will enable them to apply for universities, apprenticeships or creative roles in industry.


This course is the UAL Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Creative Practice: Art, Design and Communication.

This course will broaden your art and design skills and build confidence in working across specialisms such as fine art, graphic design, illustration, textiles, metalwork and photography, with the aim of writing a project proposal for your final project, in a specialism of your interest.

The full two-year qualification contains the following units:

Unit 01:

The Creative Process In this unit, students will develop an in-depth understanding of the creative process as a creative tool used and adapted by professionals across a full spectrum of creative practices. Students will explore the stages of the creative process through a practical learning journey where they will apply their knowledge of the creative process to generate ideas for creative pursuit.

Unit 02:

Developing Creative Practice This unit requires students to gain knowledge of a range of 2D, 3D and 4D creative practices and explore and use materials, methods, techniques and processes in a safe and professional manner. Students will then apply this learning to their own developing creative practice and enable them to refine their vocational ambitions.

Unit 03:

Responding to a set Brief This synoptic unit requires students to draw on learning acquired during Units 1 and 2 in the resolution of a creative problem outlined by a set brief. Students will learn how to manage and fulfil the expectations of an exciting and industry relevant project brief. They will be required to propose, plan, experiment, explore, develop, produce and present an original solution in response to the brief.

Unit 04:

Researching a Specialist Industry Practice In this unit students are required to dive into the creative industries, identifying the sectors and specific roles that ignite their vocational ambitions. Students are required to explore how the creative process is adapted and used by existing practitioners within their chosen field, cementing their learning through the application of specialist practice theory to practical activities. This unit offers students the chance to clarify and define their creative career intentions and focus their future development and progression routes.

Unit 05:

Specialist Technical skills Development This unit allows students the opportunity to fully interrogate the materials, processes, safety measures and technical skills associated with a specialist practice. Students are expected to use these skills to investigate and identify creative solutions to problems and produce specialist outcomes that reference personal and contextual influences. Students will also gain a developed understanding of ethical design principles, principles essential for progression into their chosen specialist industry.

Unit 06:

Specialist Creative Outcome This synoptic unit requires students to draw on learning from across the entire qualification to propose, plan and fully realise a self-directed, individualised, specialist practice project. Students will be required to identify and propose a thematic enquiry, evidencing a clear grounding in a selected specialist practice and knowledge of a specified audience or consumer. Students will apply the materials, methods, techniques and processes associated to their specialist practice and develop industry relevant outcomes that support progression towards a career in the creative industries.

Students will also have the opportunity to develop transferrable skills, making them versatile and employable individuals whilst learning the importance and application of ethical and sustainable design principles, as well as developing a rich contextual knowledge and understanding of their specialist vocational area and individualised visual language.

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You need to have 4 GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including English and maths, with a keen interest and evidence in the subject (example of work or portfolio).

You will gain knowledge that links to creative industry careers in preparation for employment or progression on to higher education.

Course Starts in 103 Days
  • 9 September 2024 - 3 July 2026
  • 2 Years
    • 16-18: Free
    • Adult: £3345
    • 19+ Loans: £3345

      This course is eligible for Advanced Learner Loan funding.

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