Providing skills and training for the energy sector

There is high demand for skilled electrical installation workers and engineers in the thriving energy industry.

Technology is changing at a faster rate than ever before. The pursuit of innovation is having a major impact on the way that we live, work and interact. Our technology faculty brings together the learning programmes that are developing the technicians and innovators of tomorrow.

As you progress through your programme, you will gain vital skills and learn about different parts of the electrical-installation and electro-technical industry. You will be trained in the fundamental techniques, technology, science, and health and safety required for electrical installation work.

If you are already in the industry, we also have programmes for professional development accreditation.

A licensed National Electrotechnical Training centre

We have some exceptional resources that replicate professional environments including the AM2 Centre at Guildford College, a licensed National Electrotechnical Training (NET) centre authorised to deliver NET assessments for electrical apprentices/trainees.

Electric vehicle training

Outside of Guildford, we offer points of entry into the rapidly growing industry of electric vehicles, including courses on how to install charging points and vehicle hazard management. This is perfect for people interested in:

  • professional qualifications
  • career development
  • motor vehicle
  • hybrid vehicles
  • developing knowledge
  • sustainability
  • green future

This training provides the knowledge to enable you to isolate the high voltage system on a Hybrid Electric Vehicle to be able to work on them safely. 

It also help support progression onto qualifications that further develop candidates knowledge of either working safely in emergency or recovery situations or within a technical role carrying out routine servicing and maintenance activities on Electric/Hybrid vehicles. 


If you're already working in this fast paced industry then you can get a qualification for the work you're already doing.

Electrical installation apprenticeship

This apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to develop and demonstrate your knowledge and competence in all aspects of Electrical Installation. 

Plumbing and domestic heating technician apprenticeship

The Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeship standard reflects the needs of employers in a diverse industry and apprentices employed in a wide variety of organisations working in domestic properties, commercial and retail buildings, public buildings, heath care and leisure.

This apprenticeship is designed to give you the opportunity to develop both the knowledge and skills and core behaviours expected of a competent Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician operating in a number of regulated areas.

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