Introduction to Poultry Keeping

Course overview

Welcome to the exciting world of poultry keeping!

Whether you’re a backyard enthusiast dreaming of farm-fresh breakfasts or an eco-conscious individual seeking a connection with nature, this course is tailor-made for you. No prior poultry-keeping experience is required – just curiosity and a love for all things feathered.

You’ll delve into the basics of selecting the right breeds, creating a cosy coop, ensuring health and well-being, and understanding the behaviour of your flock. You’ll also briefly cover basic aspects of waterfowl, game and other exotic birds kept as pets.


This short course is designed for beginners who may be new to poultry keeping and want to develop some understanding of poultry. It will include both theoretical and practical-based learning.

You will learn basic aspects of:

  • how to choose and establish a chicken flock
  • the chicken environment
  • social dynamics
  • feeding of chickens
  • chicken health
  • law
  • reproduction and handling

You will also cover briefly basic aspects of geese, ducks, turkeys and quail. 

A certificate of achievement will be issued upon completion of the basic introduction to poultry keeping.

Just bring along a pair of sensible shoes that are suitable for outside weather and something to write with.

If you enjoy this course, further courses may include a more advanced poultry course. You may also be interested in our full-time animal courses.


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