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Course overview

Are you ready to embark on a journey that not only enhances your numeracy and money management skills but also opens doors to a brighter future?

  • Practical Skills for the Real World: Gain hands-on expertise that directly translates into internships and job success.
  • Bridge to Further Education: with targeted support, you can begin to prepare for formal qualifications, exams, and even excel in internships and jobs.
  • Doorstep to a Brighter Future: a path to employment, career progression, or extended studies, all made possible through your strengthened mathematical success.

Whether you need to get better at managing your bills, budgeting, want to improve your potential at work, change careers or progress to further study there is a Multiply course to help.

This is one of a series of short-term courses to improve numeracy skills of adults (19+ Age). The focus is improving people’s ability to use maths in their daily life, at home and work – and enable adults in the future to achieve a formal qualification that can open doors into employment, job progression or further study.

Please note: These courses are free of charge and require a formal enrolment to be completed at the Guildford College Campus with the Admissions Team.

Available on Mondays or Tuesdays 1-3pm.

You will gain practical skills that help with Internships/jobs. It could also help with the further developing of skills through further education/qualifications.

The course will include individualised learning of Functional Skills Maths in preparation for formal qualifications, exams or support at internships or job applications.

No prior qualifications are needed to complete this course.

If you enjoy this course, you might consider other Multiply courses which include Household Budgeting and Functional Skills Maths.

You will gain practical skills that help with Internships/jobs. It could also help with take up further developing of skills through further education/qualifications.

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Meet the tutors

We want our learners to feel welcome, safe and at ease when attending our classes, especially if this is your first time attending an adult education class or if you're coming back to education after a break.
If you're interested in one of courses, meet our tutors first! You'll see they have similar passions and interests and, most importantly, the right qualifications to help you make the most of your time and money.