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ESOL course opening up opportunities

Mariyana has been studying ESOL courses at Bracknell and Wokingham College for a year and a half, after relocating to the UK from Bulgaria, in search of a better life.

Mariyana has been studying ESOL courses at Bracknell and Wokingham College for a year and a half, after relocating to the UK from Bulgaria, in search of a better life.   

“I wanted to study ESOL because I knew that if I can improve my speaking and listening, reading and writing, it will better for me,” Mariyana said. “I’m really happy because I have had the opportunity to study with native speakers. My English teachers are amazing.”   

“I also wanted to find a better job, integrate successfully in the UK and build a better life for myself. Studying to improve my English is very important to me because when you learn with native speakers it’s easy and you get more opportunities.”   

Flourishing under the care of great teachers

Mariyana is very pleased that she made the decision to come to college.   

“Studying at Bracknell and Wokingham College is the best part of my week because I have amazing teachers,” Mariyana added.  “I’ve met a lot of foreigners here who are so kind and I’m happy at college. It’s the best place for me.   

“My teachers are very professional; they understand how it is difficult for foreigners to improve our skillset and they support us through our studying.   

“They explain our difficulties to us and use different activities, including a lot of speaking and listening exercises and drama to help us. They check our homework regularly. It’s all very useful for us.”   

A new and better job

Doing an ESOL course has opened up a new world of opportunities for Mariyana, as it has helped her to get a new and better job.    

“Last year I worked in a restaurant in the evening because it was difficult for me to find different kinds of jobs,” Mariyana describes. “When I started this level, I found a new and better job for me.   

“I now work in a nursery in Bracknell. I’m a qualified primary teacher but my level of English wasn’t good enough for me to do that here. At the moment it’s difficult for me but my colleagues support me with my learning at college. I have experience with little children, sometimes my language is a problem, but I hope I will get better in the future.   

“I was lucky because I found a job and I’m really happy.”  

The future is bright

Mariyana is grateful to Activate Learning as it has helped her to go further. 

“The college has helped me so much because without attending college I wouldn’t have been able to achieve anything,” Mariyana explains. “I would like to continue to study to improve my English because it is important.    

“Studying at Bracknell and Wokingham College has helped me with everything from my job, daily life, to how to live in the UK. I’ve met different people from different countries and made some new friends.   

“My teachers supported me through the pandemic and I’m really thankful to them for how hard they have worked to teach us. The college is very important to me and gives me everything. Without college, I can’t achieve my dreams and goals. 

When asked about whether she would recommend the course to others, Mariyana said: “Before, when I was working at Pizza Express, I recommended the college to my colleagues and the chef, because some foreigners don’t know about the ESOL courses that are available at college and how it can help them and what they can study there. The college is the best place for them.” 

If you think an ESOL course could improve your job prospects or general day-to-day life then have take a look at our ESOL page.