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Skills Bootcamp in Sustainability 

In a world where sustainability is an ever-growing priority, our Skills Bootcamp in Sustainability equips you with the knowledge you need to take meaningful action and navigate sustainability with confidence. 

Skills Bootcamp in Sustainability 

As the planet breaks global warming records, with increasing catastrophic weather incidents and financial impacts the world over, an increased number of people are demanding that businesses do better for people and the planet.  

Doing better for the planet also means doing better for your business.  

More customers are demanding higher ethical and environmental standards from the businesses they buy from, and more policies and regulations are coming down the line to support this. Becoming more sustainable could help your business to save energy, cut costs, win new customers, and do your bit for the world and local community.  

But we know that as a business owner, you are up against three key problems when it comes to taking climate action:   

  • Lack of time/capacity  
  • Lack of dispensable finance  
  • Lack of climate-specific knowledge  

 We can help with that. Our Skills Bootcamp in Sustainability, in partnership with Activate Learning, Oxfordshire Greentech, Blenheim Palace and Siemens Healthineers, is for you.  


We will give you the sustainability knowledge and skills you need to create an action plan for your organisation to become more sustainable, all while adding skills to your CV.  

This is a ten week-blended programme. Teaching will be via mixture of methods. Week 1 and 10 will be face to face at a business setting. For each of the other 8 weeks, you will join a live online session with the tutor, who will introduce you to the fundamentals of the relevant topic, work with you through some example issues, and encourage you to discuss the core principles with your peers.  

The second half of each week’s session will take the form of a seminar to explore the topic covered in more detail and work towards their sustainability action plan and Sustainability Statement.  

Following each week’s session, you will be expected to engage in reading and activities including discussion throughout the week with your peers in online forums. At the end of the Skills Bootcamp, you will get a certificate of completion, and you will have created a bespoke sustainability action plan for your organisation.  

Skills Bootcamp in Sustainability - Activate Learning and Partners

"The Sustainability Skills Bootcamp is an exciting partnership between us at Activate Learning, Oxfordshire Greentech, Blenheim Palace and Siemens Healthineers.

Our 10-week programme covers climate science, carbon footprint, energy efficiency and more."

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Sustaining Tomorrow, Today.

Prepare for various sustainability roles, from environmental analysis to sustainable strategy development.


You can study this sustainability course for free if you meet the following criteria; 

  • You must be over 19 years of age 
  • Preferably you should hold English and maths qualifications at Level 2 (e.g. GCSE) and be working at or above this level 
  • You should have basic working IT knowledge and an awareness and interest in Sustainability 
  • You must have the right to work in the UK. 
  • You must live or work in Berkshire 


Skills Bootcamps are fully funded (by the Department for Education/the government) and are free for learners. 

On completion of the 10wk programme you will automatically become a member of a local Sustainability network group, allowing you to continue seeking the support, advice and guidance of your peers as you bring your action plan to life and embed it within your organisation.

In addition to your tutor, you will have access to a coach. Your coach will help with any issues that are affecting your study and they will also support you to gain meaningful employment at the programme, if unemployed. This will include developing a CV, creating a LinkedIn profile and interview practice.   

Sustaining Tomorrow, Today.

Prepare for various sustainability roles, from environmental analysis to sustainable strategy development.

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Register your interest in our Skills Bootcamp in Sustainability today. For more information, you can also contact us at 0800 612 6008.