Sew Your First Garment

Course overview

If you’ve completed the Introduction to Sewing Course, know how to thread and stitch with a sewing machine and are ready to step up your sewing and take on the challenge of making your first garment, then this sewing course is for you.

You will be guided through choosing a commercial pattern to suit your skills, identifying your size, cutting your fabric and constructing your garment so that you have a neatly finished garment.

For this course you will already know how to:

  • thread a machine.
  • wind a bobbin.
  • sew a seam together with a width of 1.5cm.
  • know how to backstitch to secure your stitches.

If these terms are new to you or you’re not confident with these tasks, then it’s recommended you complete the ‘Introduction to Sewing’ course first.


You will:

  • practise so you gain further confidence using a sewing machine.
  • discover what to look out for when choosing a pattern and fabric, so you can avoid complicated sews that are out of your depth.
  • learn pro tips and tricks to constructing a garment so sewing your garment is trouble-free.
  • master beautiful finishing techniques so that your completed garment doesn’t look botched.

How you will learn

This is a very practical course and teaching methods include:

  • formal instruction
  • discussion
  • individual help
  • practical demonstration
  • practise
  • guidance notes

Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to develop your skills according to your own specific needs.

Please bring along:

  • a commercial pattern of your choice
  • your desired fabric (following the guidance notes provided in advance of the first class)
  • matching thread
  • fabric scissors
  • a basic sewing kit.

Having successfully completed this course you can progress to Sewing your Second Garment!


Vee Tanner is a professional costume maker and sewing teacher with over 35 years’ experience of designing and sewing an array of garments and costumes from competition ballroom dance dresses, wedding gowns, as well as everyday wear.

She leads the costume team at the Chiltern Open Air Museum making historical costumes for the Inhabited Houses Project, and has costumed many theatre productions for award winning Rickmansworth Players and leading theatre school, Italia Conti.

Vee founded Sew Bee Yourself, an online sewing club for budding dressmakers to improve their sewing skills and enjoys teaching adults sewing at various venues including Activate Learning’s Reading College.


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