Mould Making and Casting: An Introduction

Course overview

Introduction to mould making and casting is designed for people with clay experience who want to expand their ceramic knowledge and skills.

This workshop will teach you all the basic skills for mould making and slip casting ceramic items from found objects / models. You will be guided step by step through each process and the casting process will be explained and demonstrated. People who want to refresh their mould-making and casting skills are also welcome.

The workshops can be tailored to your specific projects, needs and goals.

At the end of this workshop you will understand the principles of mould making and casting and have produced a plaster mould for slip casting.

Materials and aprons will be provided, if possible please bring a face mask (FFP3 is recommended).

You will be taught the basics of plaster mould making using found objects, how to set up your mould and how to correctly mix and pour plaster.

These can be single piece moulds for slab work, drop-out-moulds and multiple piece moulds for casting.

You will learn through theory and practical lessons with demonstrations and a chance to practice specific techniques in small groups.

You will learn through a variety of methods, including:

  • formal instruction
  • individual tuition
  • practical demonstration
  • practical experience

While no previous experience of mould making or casting is needed, a general understanding of working with ceramic materials is required.

City of Oxford College offer a broad range of ceramic courses on different levels.

Course Starts in 142 Days
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