Spanish Intermediate (WHH)

Course overview

This is a part-time course is for people with 4-6 years of previous study of the language in an adult environment or similar and some knowledge of the future, present, and past tenses. This course may be suitable for you if you have a GCSE and want to maintain your skills and gain confidence in a relaxed environment.

Semester 1 (Oct 2024-February 2025)

Semester 2 – (February-June 2025)

You can check your language level with our downloadable guide.

You’ll learn in a fun and supportive environment through a variety of engaging activities. The tutor will use a range of resources (videos, games, role-plays and handouts) to supplement the coursebook.

Please note: this course does not run during the half-term/ end-of-term breaks.

You will:

  • continue to revise, consolidate your prior knowledge of the language and learn to communicate and express your opinions
  • expand on the range of topics covered
  • gain confidence in a wider range of situations using all four language skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading
  • do some revision of verb tenses
  • develop your listening and reading skills through learner specific materials as well as authentic and current sources
  • you may be asked to write and read short texts on familiar topics, seek information, and give simple opinions

Your tutor will advise you on the materials and tools for independent learning such as websites or apps as well as handouts.

Teaching methods include:

  • audio/visual stimulation
  • teacher-led
  • formal instruction
  • group and pair work
  • discussions

You will have the chance to use the language in real-life situations through fun and engaging role-plays and lively group discussions.

You will also have access to your class learning resources through your college’s online account and will be advised on specialised websites for home learning.

Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to develop your language skills according to your own specific needs.

For this course, you will initially need a notebook and pens. Your tutor will let you know about textbooks and other learning materials.

Course Starts in 111 Days
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