How to Make a Messy Charcoal Card for a Loved One: Online

Course overview

This online self-directed taster workshop will give you a glimpse into the Online Painting and Drawing classes available at Activate Learning. In this compact 45 minute class you will learn how to master use of the material charcoal and still life to make a beautiful card to send to your friends and family. Not only will you leave with a beautiful object ready to be displayed – but you will get messy and have fun doing it.

This workshop will demonstrate and teach 3 mark-making techniques using charcoal. We will share how to set up a still life suitable for your card at home using what you have available to you – and teach you how to simply fix the image so that you can send your cards to all your friends and family in the post.

This class will be taught by demonstration, your tutor will show you how they set up a still life at home, how they use a variety of charcoals with different techniques to make cards to send to friends. You will be provided with a hand-out to go alongside the video, which will provide detail about the material and methods and you will be inspired to go and try this in your living room.

This is a self-directed online taster workshop. You do not need expensive or complicated materials, this workshop will require a variety of charcoals (compressed, willow etc) card, and fixative (or hairspray).

Activate Learning offers a broad range of online painting and drawing courses: Ink and Pen Drawing, Observational Drawing, Drawing Spaces Inside and Out, Art of the Sketchbook: Explore Drawing Techniques by making your own.

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