Art: Drawing and Painting Mixed Ability

Course overview

These courses are suitable for anyone beyond the ‘beginner’ level who wants to move on and enhance their skills and knowledge across a variety of media and themes.

You will be guided and supported through demonstrations and instructions by an experienced tutor.

Study is learner-lead and all areas of art could be explored subject to theme and ability. You will:

  • develop drawing and painting skills using a variety of media
  • gain confidence in using a variety of media
  • improve colour mixing skills and the use of colour
  • develop understanding and use of linear and aerial perspective
  • study composition, line, tone and texture
  • topics covered may include still life, figures, animals, plants and landscape
  • working from direct observation and photographic starting points
  • working from a personal-sketchbook
  • discuss and evaluate your own work and that of others to improve skills and gain inspiration
  • formal instruction
  • discussion
  • individual tuition
  • practical demonstration
  • practical experience

Complete beginners are advised to attend Art Beginners wherever possible.

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