Lesley Pendergast

What subjects do you teach?

Level 1 and Level 2 Floristry

How many years have you been teaching?

I have been teaching at Merrist Wood College for 20 years, training florists and delivering short leisure courses and workshops.

What do you enjoy about teaching adults?

Activate Learning learners are a pleasure to teach, they are enthusiastic, interested in the subject area and keen to learn. This makes the sessions fun and enjoyable which is a great way to learn.

What got you into floristry?

Love of flowers, love of colours. I enjoy being creative and passing my enthusiasm onto others.

What other passions do you have?

Flowers are still my passion, as is colour. I enjoy my garden and being able to create something beautiful from what I have grown and bringing it indoors — makes you feel good!

Why should someone join your classes?

If you love flowers and want to have fun learning and creating beautiful things with natural materials — challenge yourself a little bit!