Laura Scott

Laura Scott assesses Business Administration Principles, Understanding Health and Nutrition, Principles of Dementia Care and Understanding Autism, all at Level 2.

It’s important for me to be a part of my students’ learning journey, where they grow confidence, knowledge, and skills.

What do you believe is the best say to support students with varying needs?

All of our students are distanced learners from all over the country, juggling work and family ​so communication is key. This allows me to understand individuals’ preferred learning methods and accommodate the workload to their specific circumstances.

How can you use distanced learning to students’ advantage?

Designed for self-directed study, this gives learners flexibility to study when it suits them, reducing travel costs and the pressure of getting to class.

In what way does your experience help you inspire those you teach?

I think most of us had a teacher at school who we will never forget, who pushed us to be the best, saw our potential and encouraged us to set our sights high. Mine was my English teacher, Mrs Snell (legend), she set me on the right path and never gave up.

When I come across a challenging situation with learners I often think, what would she do? 

Do you have a specific experience you’d like to share, where a student has thrived thanks to your guidance?

I have a few, yet the most recent is one of our online Level 2 learners, who right from induction was struggling as English was not her first ​language. She was surprised she had even passed the initial assessment! However, she achieved her certificate, grew in confidence with academic writing and research, and has just enrolled on another one of our courses to add to her achievements!