Camilla Sopwith

What subjects do you teach?

I teach art beginners, intermediate and advanced as well as watercolour advanced.

How many years have you been teaching?

I have been teaching these subjects for over 10 years.

What do you enjoy about teaching adults?

I really enjoy teaching adults who may not have drawn or painted since school, or those who have chosen a different pathway in their career and giving them the chance to engage fully in the subject again. In my experience adult learners can sometimes lack confidence in their abilities, so I love being able to inspire and encourage them into producing art they are happy to show to their family and friends.

What got you into art?

I have a degree in Design and Illustration and have worked as a freelance Illustrator and Artist.

What other passions do you have?

I also enjoy walking, cycling and outdoor pursuits and of course keeping up to date with the latest art exhibitions and films.

Why should someone join your classes?

Join my classes if you’d like to learn a new skill or rekindle an old one and be inspired in a relaxed and fun setting.