Ben Wright

Ben Wright is a lecturer on the foundation degree and BSc in Sports Coaching, Fitness and Rehabilitation, he has been involved in sport and exercise for over eight years

I have a keen interest in sport, exercise and health physiology, and strength and conditioning.

Having initially studied and worked as a personal trainer, my fascination in exercise as a vehicle for anatomical and physiological adaptation led me to study further. This has culminated in the attainment of a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science, a MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Science, a PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate of Education). Not to mention, the most recent, I have undertaken a PhD in the area of exercise physiology. ”

Through his research, Wright has extensive knowledge of training and exercise, including:

  • isometric resistance training as a method of reducing blood pressure  
  • home-based isometric resistance training on blood pressure measures
  • mechanisms involved in the blood pressure lowering effects of isometric resistance training
  • assessment of training load in team sports
  • individualised training loads and fitness measures in team sports ”

 Wright is versatile in his application of techniques, across a multitude of sports!

I have been fortunate to gather experience in sport science, strength and conditioning support in, professional football, American football, volleyball, and netball.

Further experience stems from my exercise support sessions in local community groups. I embed collaboration in my teaching to provide our students opportunities to gain first-hand practical experience.”