Areej Abdi

Areej Abdi is a contemporary, multidisciplinary visual artist and educator.

Her journey into teaching started 25 years ago when she gained a Bachelor of Arts in English and Fine Art from Surrey University and subsequently a Postgraduate Certificate in Education to teach secondary children.

She has exhibited at the Woolwich Print Fair, National Trust exhibitions and the Landmark Fair.

Having taught for six years, Areej Abdi put her teaching on hold to pursue a career in business, only to return to the profession in 2019.

She has had the opportunity to teach Art to secondary students in a local state school and privately.

Her passion to seek out different skills to enhance her practise has led her to residencies in Spain and Japan.

Areej believes that every person should have the opportunity to experiment and create through creative play, by using a variety of materials and techniques.

Her desire and enthusiasm to share knowledge have led her to support children with special needs and learning difficulties.