Screen Printing on Saturday Morning

Course overview

This five week, screen printing course is a fantastic opportunity to work in a fully equipped studio, at Reading College. Our experienced tutor, Linda Newcombe will guide you through the processes of making multi coloured screen prints on paper.

You will be shown how to use the presses, screens and squeegees correctly, how to make paper stencils and expose photo screens and how to register prints to produce a planned edition. You should be able to print between 6 and 8 coloured layers over the duration of the course, depending on your ability and experience.

You will use the screen printing processes to bring an idea into actualisation through to a final image. You can create an edition of screen prints by using the presses, wash-out and exposure units.

Your artworks may include photographic elements or hand cut stencils for different coloured layers. Combining these together, you will produce a single multi-layered image.

This course welcomes all abilities, those more experienced may use the facilities independently. There will also be opportunities to use an etching press during the course.

You will learn through the processes involved in making screen prints on paper and with the knowledge to plan and explore print production. By the end of the course, you will have a confidence to experiment with several techniques, and how to work in a screen printing workshop.

You will need to wear flat shoes or boots that cover the whole foot. Old clothes are strongly advised.

Experienced artists should bring their preferred cutting equipment for making paper stencils, such as a craft knife or scalpel, as these are not provided routinely.

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