Oxford Art Safari – Exploring Creativity in Summer: REDUCTIVE WOODCUT RELIEF PRINTMAKING

Course overview

Join us for an immersive journey into the captivating world of reductive woodcut relief printmaking at the Oxford Art Safari! Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner seeking to explore new horizons, this intensive one-day course is designed to elevate your artistic skills and ignite your creativity.

Under the expert guidance of our professional tutor, you’ll delve into the techniques of reductive woodcuts, creating a variable edition of 10 unique prints that showcase your individual style. In our intimate small group setting, you’ll receive personalised attention and tailored guidance to help you unleash your creative potential.


From mark-making to texture manipulation, colour layering, and precise registration, you’ll explore a range of methods to enhance your artwork and bring your vision to life. Embrace the process of experimentation, documenting your journey with stage proofs and artist proofs that capture the evolution of your prints.

You’ll engage in hands-on studio work with a professional tutor, supported by demonstrations. You’ll delve into monochromatic printing for practice and explore colour printing through layering and transparent inks.

Regardless of your prior experience level, this course is crafted to nurture your individual growth and foster a supportive learning environment. Feel free to bring along your artwork, sketches, or creative concepts to work from—we provide all the necessary materials for a fully immersive experience..

Don’t forget to pack a sustaining lunch, a refillable water bottle, and any additional refreshments to keep you fuelled throughout the day.

As you embark on this artistic adventure, consider exploring the printmaking courses we offer throughout the year at City of Oxford College—your journey into the world of printmaking is just beginning!

TUTOR: Asma Mahmud Hashmi

Asma Mahmud Hashmi is a practising artist, educator, and curator. She earned her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii (USA) as a recipient of the East West Centre Graduate Degree Fellowship (1988-1992) and completed her undergraduate degree at the National College of Arts, Pakistan in 1986. She served as an Associate Professor at the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi.

Asma has showcased her work internationally in both group and solo exhibitions and has curated print portfolios and exhibitions in the UK, Pakistan, and the United States. Currently, she works as a tutor with Activate Learning and continues her artistic practice at Magdalen Road Studios in Oxford, UK, she is a member of the Oxford Printmakers.


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