Introduction to Keyboard: Piano for Beginners

Course overview

Experience this self-directed introduction to piano/keyboard for beginners workshop. This workshop is suitable for those learning on an acoustic piano, digital piano or an electric keyboard. You don’t need any previous music knowledge or experience to join in.

Our tutor will help you with your first steps in this video so that you’ll feel confident going into your live lessons with her if you choose to enrol on our course Piano/Keyboards for Beginners.

You may wish to watch various parts of this video more than once so that you can practice along with the exercises.

You will learn:

  • how to set up the various pieces of equipment you’ll need, for example the optimum positioning of your laptop for an online course and how to best position your piano stool
  • posture at the piano and how best to sit and place your hands and piano fingering
  • basics of the geography of the piano
  • learning the names of the notes on the piano and the theory of the musical alphabet to help your aural awareness of high and low pitches (notes)
  • playing in C position
  • practice
  • the book you’ll need to buy for your class
  • reading basic music notation: pitch, rhythm and time signatures in the treble clef

You will learn through instruction and demonstration.

You’ll need to buy ADULT ALL-IN-ONE COURSE, LEVEL 1 (ALFRED’S BASIC ADULT PIANO COURSE) BOOK, but you don’t have to buy the version with the CD as we’ll be doing the exercises and pieces live in the course.

You need your own copy of the book as it’s copyrighted music.

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  • Flexible start - 31 July 2025
  • 1 Day
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