Making the most of your supermarket flowers

Course overview

This fun and imaginative floristry course is an ideal introduction to help you explore what can be achieved with an Oasis wreath ring shape. This course will show you how easy it is to transform a simple floral oasis ring into a different shaped piece of Oasis to create a stunning display for your home. Also some simple ideas and tips on making seasonal flower choices, along with floral tips on how to prolong the life of your flowers.

OASIS is a creation by Vernon Lewis Smithers, who In 1954, in Kent Ohio, developed a water absorbent foam to use in floral arrangements. Oasis was a milestone for floristry, and in the decades since, it has revolutionised the art.

Floral foam, whether wet or dry allows the floral designer to create beautiful arrangements that will hold and stay fresh and vibrant with it’s steady supply of water. Wet floral foam needs to be saturated in water prior to use where as dry floral foam can be used without water.

This is an online, one-off one day workshop. You will have access to course materials till the end of the academic year.

  • How to select seasonal blooms and foliage for an oasis design, plus hints and tips on dealing with fleshy stems (especially with Spring flowers) and how to make sure they get an ample water source.
  • Briefly talk about some of the principles and elements of floral design in connection with the piece being made.
  • Reminder you how to condition your materials, to help prolong their life.
  • Think about the area in which your design will be placed (for example daylight, heat, drafts).
  • Give you information about Oasis as a whole and the different shapes available, also covering the eco-friendly versions now available.
  • Introduce the Oasis wreath ring and give further information on its uses.
  • Explain how to cut the wreath ring correctly and how to reattach to achieve an “S” shape.
  • Remind learners of the correct way to soak Oasis in preparation for flower stems.
  • Placement of stems, foliage and hazel.
  • Re explain the principles and elements of the design once finished.
  • Finishing touches.

Demonstrated and guided by our tutor, you will learn how to work with Oasis wet foam, how to soak it correctly without creating air pockets. Explore the range of Oasis shapes and templates available and also where to find them. Finally selecting the right seasonal flowers for your design, how care for them correctly, how to condition them to help prolong their life, and to display them to show them at their very best. Plus hints and tips on using different stem types with wet Oasis and how to prevent stems splitting.

This is an online course, you will need a computer or other mobile device, interconnection, microphone, speakers and camera.


  • Approx 20/30 stems of flowers, seasonal blooms, pieces of contorted hazel
  • Selection of garden foliage, which can be used as a filler or tall enough to compliment your
    flower choices
  • One 14” Oasis wreath ring
  • Sharpe knife
  • Scissors
  • BBQ sticks or florist tape
  • Apron if required
  • Work space, learners will need a large space, such as a dining/kitchen table area

Health and Safety
The space/area being used for this course should be covered with a polythene sheet
and/or newspaper to help preserve the area against water.

Learners will be reminded of procedures required when using sharp scissors.

No other specific equipment is required for this course.

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