Will Lehmann

What subjects do you teach?

Pottery and ceramics.

How many years have you been teaching?

I have been teaching pottery/ceramics at Banbury for the last five years and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, passing on my knowledge to adult learners, and full-time students studying on our Level 1, 2, and 3 Creative Industries, Art and Design courses. 

What got you into ceramics and pottery?

I was employed at Whichford Pottery in the early 1990s before I decided to study Ceramics at degree level at Swansea Metropolitan University. After Graduating in 1998 I worked at Hook Norton Pottery as a Production Thrower making pots for the catering industry. I had another stint back at Whichford Pottery to help out with the Tower of London poppy project, and build the first  Anagama Kiln at Wytham Woods in Oxford. 

Why should someone join your classes?

It’s a relaxed atmosphere, lots of laughing and making new friends, but most importantly learning to create something that students can take home and that will last forever. Students will learn various techniques from hand building to making pots on the potter’s wheel. 

“Pottery is the new yoga”