French – Beginners (WHH)

Course overview

 Discover your passion and learn a language in a fun, relaxed environment!

On completion, you will be able to communicate with sympathetic native speakers using basic phrases in a variety of everyday situations.

Examples of topics included:

  • Booking a hotel room
  • Ordering food in a restaurant
  • Useful tourist information
  • Directions
  • Shopping

The main aim of the course is to be able to communicate in everyday situations.

Semester 1 (Oct/Feb) is a part-time leisure course for beginners or people with no previous knowledge of the language who are interested in learning useful everyday phrases and basic grammar. All you’ll need is a keen interest to learn!

If enrolling for Semester 2 (Feb/June) you do not have to have completed the first semester, however you will need 20 hours of previous study of the language in an adult setting, or previous learning of a similar length. If in doubt, our tutor will be happy to advise you.

You can check your language level with our downloadable guide.

Please note: this course does not run during the half-term or end-of-term breaks.



You will be introduced to the language to enable you to communicate effectively in everyday situations at a basic level using all four language skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

  • You will learn to speak about yourself, meet and greet people
  • Order food and drink in a bar and restaurant, ask for the bill
  • Understand directions and book a hotel room
  • Go shopping for food and clothes and be confident using public transport
  • You will be introduced to basic understanding of the grammar
  • You will learn about a variety of aspects of the culture in the countries where the language is spoken

The content of our courses may vary according at the discretion of the tutor and the group’s learning pace.

You will learn how to communicate in everyday situations using the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Our courses are 30 weeks across 2 semesters and run term-time only.

For this course you will initially require a notebook and pens.

Your tutor will advise on text books and other learning materials.

Once you have completed our two semesters of Beginners level you will be able to progress onto Improvers. Going forward we also offer Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced and Fluent.

Semester 1 (Oct-February) – No prior knowledge of the language is necessary. All you’ll need is a keen interest to learn!

Semester 2 (February-June) – You do not need to have completed Semester 1 however you will need to have 20 hours previous study of the language in an adult class or previous learning of a similar length.

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