Course overview

Usually, you will already have been a college learner to progress on to this course, however we do take applications from outside the college.

We would like to get to know you as soon as possible before you are due to start. We run transition programmes and taster days to assess your needs and also make the transition as smooth as possible.

Adults come to college one or two days a week and work on both functional skills and leisure activities. The course is free if you are in receipt of disability benefits.

You can attend this programme for as many years as you would like to, although this depends on the number of places available.

  • Functional skills English and maths optional
  • A range of leisure opportunities depending on the resources your local college can provide, such as cookery, gardening, photography, art and drama

You will access a range of activities in groups of 8-10. You will have the opportunity to work in small groups, as an individual or in pairs in both classroom and practical-workshop settings.

A learning support assistant will be provided to support you and the group however you can bring more support with you if you need it.

You can work towards your functional skills, if appropriate, based on assessments. You will also be developing your attributes from individual starting points which is tracked and monitored in a variety of ways including Recognising and Recording Progress and (RARPA). Individual targets are negotiated and set with you, employers and therapists, where appropriate.

The only entry requirement is that you have a successful interview with a member of the course team in order to ensure that we can fully meet your needs. We are looking for young people with an enthusiasm to learn and a desire to make progress. We want applicants to actively take part in keep warm activities set by teachers before starting in September.

Course Starts in 82 Days
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