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Skills Bootcamps in Laboratory Techniques


Overview: Skills Bootcamps are flexible training courses lasting up to 16 weeks. They give you the opportunity to develop sector-specific skills and fast-track an interview with an employer.

Whether you are looking to return to the lab or you've studied science and want to build your practical skills, a Skills Bootcamp in Laboratory Techniques can give you the confidence you need while you develop and practise your lab skills. The course is delivered over two days a week for five weeks at Reading College in partnership with Newbury College and Activate Learning.


Learning Objectives

Fast-Track Career Progression: Completing the Skills Bootcamp can lead to a fast-track interview with an employer, boosting your chances of immediate employment.

Practical Skill Development: You'll develop a practical awareness of key laboratory techniques and practices, making you job-ready from day one.

Diverse Opportunities: The course prepares you for various roles within the laboratory sciences sector, ranging from Quality Control Analysts to Research Assistants and Laboratory Technician.

No Financial Burden: The course is fully funded and free for learners, removing financial barriers to education.

The Skills Bootcamp in Laboratory Techniques focuses on developing your theory and practice in the lab. It also helps you understand and apply the terminology needed to confidently converse with and support colleagues.

At the end of your programme, you'll be equipped to work in a lab in a role such as a Lab Technician, having built a practical awareness of the following areas: Titrations, Aseptic technique, Chromatography, PCR, Electrophoresis, Safe working practices, Risk Assessments, cleaning & disposal, Quality Assurance, Calibration and maintenance of equipment, Good Practice Frameworks, Using and writing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), report writing, record keeping & use of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems)

Code: SBCLIFE 222301   Cost: FREE*

Skills Bootcamps are for adults aged 19+. You should possess a Laboratory Techniques qualification at Level 3 or above. Learners with previous relevant work experience but no formal qualification will be considered individually.

Experience in laboratory work, either through an academic qualification or by prior work experience, is required.

You'll receive a Record of Achievement demonstrating your competencies in each area on successful completion of the programme.

Your progress is assessed through a combination of practical work and short written pieces of work completed during the course. You will produce a portfolio of work that reflects your level of competency and can be presented as evidence to future employers.

Successful completion of a Skills Bootcamp will give you the opportunity for a fast-track interview with an employer. Learners are expected to move into occupations within the Lab Sciences sector where varied roles are available. Examples of such roles, depending on experience prior to the Skills Bootcamp, include Quality Control Analysts, Experimental Biologists, Research Assistants, Specialist Technician, and Laboratory Apprenticeship.

No home learning will be set. You will be encouraged to work on your CV and job applications during the course.

The course does not involve work placement.

Learner Cost - Skills Bootcamps are fully funded and free courses for learners. Employer Cost - Employers who want to use Skills Bootcamps to train their existing employees contribute to the cost of training. Large employers contribute 30% of the cost, and small or medium employers (SMEs) contribute 10% of the cost. Existing employees may need time to study and attend classes depending on their working hours and status and the flexibility of the course.


Terms and conditions apply. The fees stated on this website are for guidance purposes only and should be checked before enrolment. Unless otherwise stated, fees shown are for tuition only, over one term (Community Learning courses) or one academic year. Where a course is longer than one academic year, the fees stated are for the first year, and the cost of the second or subsequent years will be discussed at interview. For details of fee remission for students over 19 click here. If you think you may be entitled to a concession or fee remission, or you would like more information on the additional costs associated with your chosen course, please contact us on 01635 845000 or email info@newbury-college.co.uk.