Jasmine Gilhooly

What subjects do you teach?

I have taught a range of subjects but my main passion sits within textiles. I have recently taught a lot of screen printing combined with small upholstery projects.  

How many years have you been teaching?

I have been teaching for five years.

What do you enjoy about teaching adults?

Teaching is extremely rewarding. I personally find it such a pleasure for people to learn something new and take something home that has either been magically transformed or created, regardless of knowledge or experience in the subject areas.

What got you into art?

My educational background is in art and textiles which I have studied at BA and MA level.

What other passions do you have?

Baking, I love baking and eating. Occasionally I go to the gym!

Why should someone join your classes?

I would urge anyone to join my classes that feel they’d like to build on their current creative inner selves or those who feel like they would just like to have a go at something new. It’s really important to me that creative ability isn’t judged on what is typically seen as ‘a good job’ there is beauty in everything we can create.