Cynthia Gregoire

What subjects do you teach?

Digital Promotion for Business, Understanding Social Media

How many years have you been teaching?


What do you enjoy about teaching adults?

I enjoy the wealth of knowledge and life experience adults bring to a classroom! I have had the pleasure of facilitating some really engaging and collaborative discussions during my courses taught at Activate Learning, every class is so unique.

What got you into teaching?

I loved and was inspired by my Year 2 teacher so much I decided right there and then I wanted to become a teacher.

What other passions do you have?

I have my own creative business as a fashion entrepreneur, and I love travelling, in particular living and working abroad in different countries.

Why should someone join your class?

My students often feedback to me that I present the content in an engaging and passionate way and that they learn a lot. So if you are wanting to learn loads about the newest developments in the fast-changing world of digital promotion and social media, I would encourage you to take my class!