Cáit Gould

What subjects do you teach?

I teach pottery/ceramics, and occasionally raku and smoke firing. Or, put more plainly, I teach how to make things from clay and fire! We use both potters’ wheels and ‘hand-building’ techniques in our classes.

How many years have you been teaching?

I have taught at Reading College for almost three years, and on and off in different parts of the world for an additional six years.

What do you enjoy about teaching adults?

Having trained and worked as a primary school teacher for a few years, I enjoy how independent adults can be, and therefore how many more ways of working with clay we can explore. I am most excited by helping my students to achieve their ideas and assist them learn how to improve. My teaching style is technique and process-based.

What got you into ceramics?

I have always enjoyed making things with my hands. Some of my earliest memories are making mud pies in the sandpit. So I chose to do a degree in ceramics at Glasgow School of Art after I left high school. I immediately felt at home there, but didn’t pursue it as a career straight away. Being chosen as one of BBC2s series two ‘Great Pottery Throw Down’ contestants helped me to make a return to my passion, and I’ve been working in clay full time since 2019.

What other passions do you have?

Clay, fire and my family are my main passions. I also enjoy cycling, yoga and wide open spaces!  

Why should someone join your classes?

Join in if you’d like to immerse yourself in something which takes you away from the everyday stresses of the world. Come along if you’d like to try your hand on a potters’ wheel, or have something you’d like to make from clay. Be prepared for ceramic surprises along the way!