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Top 7 reasons why you should re-train in the career of your dreams

Top 7 reasons why you should re-train in the career of your dreams

Have you always wanted to start your own business? Train to work in healthcare? Or pursue a career in a hobby you’re passionate about, like ceramics or pottery?  

We’re here to tell you that there’s never been a better time to come back to education! 

Off the back of the pandemic, we anticipate there will be new opportunities for people who are looking to upskill, retrain or develop themselves. This may be revisiting a dream they once had for a career or simply improving their abilities to progress in the roles they already have.   

Here are our top seven reasons as to why you should still pursue the career of your dreams. 

1. It’s never too late! 

A phrase that we’ve all heard of before but it’s still true to this day! There is no age limit when it comes learning and there are so many wonderful benefits of going back to college. 


2. A change of direction 

Mix it up a little! Whether you want a new challenge or to work up the career ladder within your industry, we have lots of professional courses on offer for you.

We have had many students re-train with us professionally or even just partake in one of our leisure courses who have been able to turn their hobby into a rewarding career.

Read more about how one of our tutors, Karen, turned her career around by taking one of our courses in Guildford College.


3. Personal and intellectual growth 

Expand your skillset! Improve your employability! Invest in yourself and discover the plethora of career advancement opportunities that going back to education can give you. 

Anne, one of our Accountancy students had a degree in Biological Sciences but after 14 years of working as an analytical chemist, she became interested in the business and finance aspect of her work. She said that her AAT Level 4 Accountancy qualification has “opened the door to more job opportunities and strengthened my knowledge”. Read more of Anne’s story here.


4. Your experiences will benefit your learning 

You already have the life experiences to build on! If you’ve been working full time, you will have already mastered time-management alongside other personal commitments. You’re already in the mindset of wanting to learn instead of being forced to learn at school which will motivate your passion to learn – something we champion with our Learning Philosophy (short video below).

You know what you want – your drive and passion is going to be more than enough to get you through the challenging but rewarding tasks required of you as a student.


5. Grow your network 

A LinkedIn survey from 2016 showed that 70% of applicants were hired because they knew of someone in that company compared to those who had no network connections. 

At Activate Learning, we pride ourselves on having good links with the business communities at our seven colleges. Being located in cultural hubs at Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey has given us countless opportunities to partner up with our communities to enhance our students’ learning.  


6. Enjoy the financial benefits! 

Having a nationally (and internationally) – recognised qualification can advance your profession and give you more of a chance to increase your earnings. It can also open up job opportunities with a higher salary outside of the sector you currently work in. C&K Careers have pulled up some data to highlight how having qualifications can have a big impact on your pay.   


7. Sense of accomplishment and increased happiness 

Working towards an achievement is a rewarding experience. Studies indicate that qualification holders not only live longer but are able to make healthier life choices. It’s a positive impact to your mental and physical health.  


With HNCs, HNDs, foundation degrees, and top-ups for BA and BSc degrees in a range of subjects including animal management, business, education, sports, engineering and construction there’s plenty of choice 

Let us help you achieve your goals with an undergraduate qualification awarded by our leading partner universities. Find out more about our full and parttime course options, lower tuition fees and work-based learning opportunities all from the comfort of your own home during out virtual Open Events. Keep an eye on our events page to register and explore your options.