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Shining a spotlight on our tutors

Teaching a passion: Meet Debbie Page

You may have had a teacher at school whose passion and enthusiasm oozes out of them so contagiously, motivating you to achieve the best in your subject.

Not only do our tutors at Activate Learning possess the same amount of enthusiasm and passion for the subjects they teach, but we make sure that we deliver high-quality teaching by partnering up industry-trained tutors, experts in their field.  

We’d like to shed a light on some of our fantastic tutors, who are actively involved in their own sectors.  

Debbie Page – Pottery & Ceramics

Having taught ceramics and pottery since 2007, Debbie’s work has been featured in a nationally recognised magazine – Clay Craft Magazine.  

She teaches a varied range of ceramics including hand-building, throwing, glaze making, mold making, and firing at our Bracknell and Wokingham College campus. 

Debbie first discovered ceramics and pottery at secondary school but wasn’t able to pursue it further until she took part in an adult leisure course, similar to the ones she teaches at Bracknell and Wokingham College.

“I studied two City and Guilds courses, bought my own kiln, built a studio shed in the back garden, made loads of lovely friends and found a new career,” she said. 

Taking inspiration from Korea and Japan, Debbie especially experiments with the ‘Korean Moon Jar’ shape, creating her own variations of the white porcelain. Partially glazing the clay surface with green, white and blue, she creates spheres that look ‘Earth-like’. Alongside this, she also builds vessels, labelling them as ‘Pails’ complete using twigs and small branches as handles.  

She said: “I think I have one of the best jobs in the world – I create pots using a material that I love and in teaching others to use clay, I can watch their creative instincts flourish. Pottery for me is something of a lifestyle – as well as making and teaching.” 

Clay Craft Magazine has recently featured Debbie’s work entitled ‘Potters in Lockdown: From Trailblazer to Online Entrepeneur’. 

Alongside teaching, Debbie spends her weekends selling her work on arts trails and open studio events. Her membership and involvement with various guilds allow her to keep building on her skills and experiences to better equip her students with the latest industry standards.  

Keep up to date with Debbie’s work on her website. Debbie will soon be starting her weekly Ceramics for All course in November.   

We have a wide range of leisure classes offered at our seven colleges. From ceramics to furniture making — turn your hobby into a rewarding career! We’re so excited to work with you in achieving this goal. 

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