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Be a part of a creative virtual community with our online leisure courses

Exploring your creativity is a great way to keep on top of your mental health and wellbeing. At Activate Learning, we offer a range of creative leisure courses, and the good news is that you can do these online!

Whether you want to improve an artistic skill or dabble with a new one, I’m sure we’ll have something just for you.

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In this blog post, we’d love to shed light on our online courses and their many benefits. Here are five reasons to sign up to a virtual arts and crafts leisure course with Activate Learning.


1. Creativity is important for your mental health

Being creative has had a long history of health benefits, from the meditative nature of the arts, to the community and the like-minded people that you can meet through craft.

The arts have such an incredible impact on our mental health that more and more health professionals are prescribing art therapy to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. This is mainly due to the meditative nature and careful focus that art requires, sending feel good chemical signals throughout our bodies.

Likewise, as you create, you project a little bit of your personality into what you make and sharing that creates a special kind of community. There are so many arty shows on TV such as the Great Pottery Throwdown, that throw creatives in a room and by the end of the show, these people end up being lifelong friends.

Why not use your spare time to de-stress from the week? You’ll also learn a new skill whilst relaxing!


2. You can access online courses from anywhere and be a part of a community regardless of location

This past year has been full of opportunities for digital exploration. Taking learning online classes has been a blessing to some who have needed to isolate or cannot travel. So not only are you saving money on travel, but more options are available to you, regardless of your location!

Matt Cooper, CEO of Skillshare shares that from his observations with online learning, “People sign up for the opportunity to learn something new but stay because of the deep level of engagement with their teachers and classmates.”

“Whether it’s streaming or gaming or online courses, they’re all just different forms of virtual communities.”

So take full advantage of online learning and its geographic flexibility. Learn a creative skill and create meaningful relationships from the comforts of home where there’s endless cups of tea – who wouldn’t want that?!


3. Learn from successful artists and experts through online learning

In the Renaissance, artists like Michelangelo had to travel to the beautiful city of Rome to learn from experts. Thanks to technology, gone are the days of travelling physically to be taught by masters. Online learning can go the distance!

At Activate Learning, we pride ourselves in our connections with industry experts. Our range of arts and crafts classes are taught by expert artists and successful practitioners ensuring that your education is of a high standard. These courses are live and interactive, curated to be more personal and aimed at creating virtual communities.

When asked why someone should join their class, Hector Garay-Airaghi, Learning for Leisure Tutor at Activate Learning, says, “My lessons are simply the most welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for you to thrive and get creative. We always try to learn from our happy accidents as I don’t believe in wrong. My lessons are 100% practice based and my students always discover something new to take with them.”


4. Learn a new hobby or revisit an old one

Online courses can be a great way to trial one of our courses before signing up to a course onsite.

Want to experience what it’s like sitting in a circle, sketching still life? Want to go and paint en plein air but not confident enough to go with a group of people? Our online creative courses allow you to try out various art forms. With lower course fees, not only can this be a relaxing time for you, but can also be a way for you to experiment and trial something.

We’re very keen for you to complete a course with us and progress into higher ability classes or something else entirely. We will support you in building your confidence to progress and develop as a creative. Jasmine Gilhooly, one of our Art and Design tutors says, “I would urge anyone to join my classes that feel they’d like to build on their current creative inner selves or those who feel like they would just like to have a go at something new. It’s really important to me that creative ability isn’t judged on what is typically seen as a good job, there is beauty in everything we can create.”


5. Our courses are designed with you in mind.

Our programmes are designed to fit around your lifestyle commitments, with evening, daytime and weekend options.

Our online courses were developed to increase your options without the geographic barriers. We also have a few courses that are pre-recorded so you can learn at your own pace and in your own time.

We’ve also recently launched our Community Wellbeing programmes, designed to support your mental health and wellbeing through mindfulness practices. With the aim of enhancing your skills and knowledge of a particular area, our community wellbeing programmes are designed to boost your confidence and improve your mental wellbeing. We offer free tuition to those that qualify. (Please see our terms and conditions.)


So, there you have it – five reasons to study an online creative leisure course! To reiterate, creative courses are really beneficial for your mental health. It’s a fantastic way to create relationships with like-minded people and be part of a creative community.

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