Small Scale Farming(Spring Season)

Course overview

Moving on from Module 1 we start with the theory and practical elements of lambing and flock management including shearing. The Merrist Wood estate also supports sessions on pasture management, planning, tractors and machinery. Visits to local smallholders (including former students) provides an opportunity to share ideas and gain further experience.

The Campus is attractive and easily accessible with excellent student resources all which create an enjoyable learning environment. Practical work is carried out on the extensive 280 hectare estate, with its woodlands, wetland features, livestock and grassland.

  • lambing (signs, equipment, assistance)
  • cow management (breeds, feeding, health, calving)
  • goats (milking and kidding)
  • pigs (outdoor and small scale rearing)
  • tractors/machinery (uses and types with hands-on experience)

There are both practical and theoretical aspects to this course, using a wide range of animal species.

No formal requirements

Other countryside and animal management courses or run a smallholding.

Course Starts in 133 Days
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