Recycled Print Making Without the Aid of a Press

Course overview

Spend a creative and fun day under the guidance of our expert printmaking tutor experimenting with recycled materials found in your home to create prints without the need for a printing press.

Using abstract patterns and shapes to make simple stencils to print from, by the end of the day the aim is to produce a series of experimental prints. Working with recycled materials to create different textures and techniques learn how layering can develop depth to your image.

You will learn the basics of printing using paints combined with collage to make a simple book.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and those with some printmaking experience.

  • A fun day experimenting using materials that you find in the home
  • You will learn the basics of printing from recycled materials
  • Use acrylics paints
  • Make a simple book
  • Learn basics of collage and layering to create interesting prints
  • Demonstration: printing and collage techniques
  • Learn how to plan and layout your collage
  • Explore layering, colour, and composition to create prints for collage use
  • You will create a finished collage using your prints as the focus and adding other papers to support your images/print
  • The opportunity to then experiment with the materials will build your confidence and ability to manipulate materials
  • Group discussion and showing of work at end of class to reflect in mini critique and display of your artwork encouraging self-reflection
  • You will leave with a variety of prints and simple book

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring an apron, it may get messy!

Basic materials will be provided but you may wish to bring your own:

  • craft knife, scissors
  • cutting mat
  • scrap papers you have laying around such as packing paper, envelopes, magazines, book papers, anything you find interesting
  • sponge
  • ruler
  • pair of gloves to protect your hands, especially when cleaning (marigold type or other)
  • a collection of found textured materials, for example:
    • bubble wrap, cotton buds, corrugated cards, household sponges, paintbrushes, toothbrushes, fruit netting all to create textures
  • sturdy card/ back of sketchbook or you can use Amazon/or other delivery cardboard packaging
  • sturdy brush for glueing
  • brushes for painting onto textured materials to print from
  • acrylic paints just a small pack such as Complete Acrylic Starter Kit

Please bring lunch and refreshments.

Course Starts in 167 Days
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