Purrrfect Paws Cat Grooming

Course overview

Discover the benefits and joys of grooming your own pet with our informative and fun course!

Transform your cat grooming routine with our half-day Purrrfect Paws Cat Grooming course. For just £125, you can choose between a morning or afternoon session to suit your schedule. You’ll develop a deeper bond with your cat and make grooming a safe, enjoyable experience for both of you.

Regular grooming maintains your cat’s health, prevents matting, and saves on grooming and vet fees. You’ll master essential grooming techniques, including health checks, brushing, bathing, and styling, gaining the confidence and skills to groom your cat at home with hands-on, practical learning.

Our grooming facility is designed to provide a realistic and professional learning experience. You’ll receive practical, hands-on tuition in a well-equipped, supportive environment that mimics a commercial grooming salon. Enrol now and make grooming a delightful and stress-free part of your pet care routine.


You’ll Learn:

  • Health Checks: Learn how to perform routine health assessments to keep your cat in top condition.
  • Brushing: Master brushing techniques to prevent matting and reduce shedding.
  • Bathing: Discover safe and effective ways to bathe your cat.
  • Styling: Explore styling methods to keep your cat looking its best.

By the end of the course, you’ll not only have the skills to groom your cat but also strengthen your bond and make grooming a positive experience for both of you. Regular grooming helps maintain your cat’s health, prevents matting, and can save you money on professional grooming and vet fees.

Course Benefits:

  • All Equipment Provided: No need to bring any grooming tools; everything you need will be available in our state-of-the-art Grooming Salon.
  • Bring Your Own Cat: Practice your new skills on your own cat. Just ensure your pet is in good health, microchipped, and vaccinated, and bring them in a suitable carrier.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from experienced professionals in a semi-commercial grooming facility within our campus.
  • Convenient and Comfortable: Enjoy our easily accessible campus, complete with supporting reception areas and excellent student resources.

Please bring your cat in a secure carrier.

Health Requirements: Cats must be in good health, microchipped and vaccinated.

Course Starts in 132 Days
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Enrol now

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