Poultry Keeping for Beginners

Course overview

In recent years keeping poultry has become very popular. It is an enjoyable hobby with the added bonus of lovely fresh eggs! This course is designed to teach beginners all they need to know about keeping poultry. There will be a hands-on experience of handling and inspecting poultry and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

The pleasure in seeing a selection of poultry scratching around the garden providing you with a daily dose of amusement as well as organic bug control makes them so worthwhile. If you follow a few basic ideas, you will be keeping happy, healthy birds in no time.

On this three-day course, you will learn about different breeds, accommodation requirements, correct nutrition, parasites and diseases and treatments and prevention methods.

  • Choosing poultry to suit you: different breeds
  • Housing: different options for housing your birds
  • Predators: what they are and how to protect your birds
  • Feeding: what they need to grow well and to be productive
  • Health: the basics of poultry care; the moult; common diseases and their cures; parasites; behaviour
  • How to handle and examine a bird
  • Egg production: understanding how a bird produces an egg and ways in which you can help or hinder this process

Knowledge and the confidence to handle your birds with ease.

A keen interest and a positive attitude to learn.

Other leisure courses like Small Scale Farming or progress onto our Animal qualification courses.

Lunch is not provided so remember to bring a packed lunch if you wish, although there are catering outlets available at college.

This is a hands-on course so please wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Course Starts in 143 Days
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