Planting Design

Course overview

This is a course that complements the ‘ Design Your Own Garden’ course but can be taken as a standalone course for the beginner and no experience is required. The course will include information on the Principles of planting design and planting styles. It will look at how to draw up planting plans, drawing to scale, sketching, rendering, plant combinations and plant groups.

For amateurs and landscapers who want to know a bit more about planting designs, if you have already studied the ‘ Design Your Own Garden’ course it will enhance that knowledge and give you extra opportunities to enhance your drawing skills but if you are new to Design it will be a suitable course to start with as it will cover the principles of Garden Design.

Merrist Wood has a strong tradition of excellence in garden design. The College offers students a well-equipped design studio and a library containing an immense collection of horticultural and design books. Within the College grounds an ongoing programme of model gardens is under construction, which supplements the unrivalled plant collection on the 280-hectare estate.

This course is taught through lectures, group work and workshops.

Other Garden Design courses.

Drawing equipment is required in order to study this course. The tutors will advise during induction.

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