Photography: Composition and Viewpoint Techniques

Course overview

This workshop gives simple tips to make your photographs more appealing; learn how to take the alternative view, add interest and create a different perspective. Look beyond the superficial and really learn to engage with your subject matter.

The day will begin with a short lecture, showing you some great images and explaining techniques that make them look so effective. You will gain a different perspective, improved photographic technique and an understanding of aesthetics that should impact positively on the quality of your images

There are a limited number of FREE places available on this course, for those aged 19 and over (at the start of the course) and who either have a mental health condition or difficulty, are employed and earning an annual salary less than £17,004 per annum, in receipt of state benefit in your own name and unemployed or working and earning less than £338 per month (or £541 for household claims), are a single parent, or have a social or emotional difficulty.

For further details and to applyplease email us. To find out more and to view the terms and conditions please view our Community Wellbeing page



  • where to place your subject within the frame to create a more appealing result
  • learn about the golden section or the rule of thirds
  • how to use foreground to give perspective
  • why there are images that are more pleasing to the eye and a look at images that break all the rules, but still work!

The main part of the day will be a practical session, working with your camera in different environments to create a range of images, followed by peer assessment to discuss successes and ways to improve your images.

You will need to bring a digital SLR camera. Interchangeable lenses or a zoom lens also beneficial.

Packed lunch (refreshments are available on site for a small cost).

Course Starts in 146 Days
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