People and Talent Leadership (Online Modules at Degree Level)

Course overview

A flexible, opportunity to undertake a free-of-charge Higher Education programme, which will support you in developing the skills and knowledge employers are really looking for. Through these degree-level qualifications you’ll be able to enrich your CV and skillset. You’ll also be able to progress on to a full Higher National Certificate or Higher National Diploma, should you choose to continue your journey.

These programmes are ideal if you’re looking to upskill to enhance your existing career. You’ll be encouraged to engage in learning through other units of Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQ) at Level 4 and above, such as a Higher National Certificate (HNC) or Higher National Diploma (HND).

People and Talent Leadership contains the following units:

  • Leadership and Management
  • The Management of Human Resources

Activate Learning can offer a flexible delivery mode, enabling you to fit your studies around work, childcare, or other caring responsibilities.

This course is free-of-charge. The tuition fees listed will be paid for by a grant given directly to Activate Learning.

Please note: Spaces are limited, and you must meet the entry criteria.

This is a 30-credit course made up of two 15-credit units:

  • Leadership & Management: This unit will help you understand the difference between a manager’s function and a leader’s role. You will consider the characteristics, behaviours, and traits that support effective management and leadership.
  • The Management of Human Resources: In this unit, you will develop an understanding of the purpose and scope of HRM activities. You will be able to apply a range of people-management skills to enhance the performance of an organisation by finding solutions to people-related problems.

Some of the benefits of the programme for learners include:

  • Free tuition fees, with nothing for the student to pay – tuition fees will be paid for by a grant given directly to Activate Learning.
  • The opportunity to complete a module of a HTQ free of charge and without committing to the full course.
  • The ability to build credits towards a full HTQ.
  • The opportunity to gain qualifications and skills to support a chosen career path or business.
  • Flexible delivery – shorter, more flexible courses to fit around work, childcare or caring responsibilities.

This programme will be delivered over a 12-week period beginning in October. It will consist of ‘live’ workshops and seminars along with learning materials that you will be guided through and able to complete at your convenience.

Eligibility criteria

Learners must be between 19 and 60 and live or work in England.

After successful completion of this course, you can complete the full HTQ in Leadership & Management. The grant amount will be deducted from the Lifelong Learning Entitlement.

Spaces are limited. If you meet the entry criteria, you can apply directly to Activate Learning online.

The Modular Acceleration Programme (MAP) is a government-funded initiative for anyone looking to retrain for a new career or upskill to enhance their existing career. It encourages individuals to engage in learning through modules of Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQ) at Level 4 and above, such as a Higher National Certificate (HNC) or Higher National Diploma (HND).

Learners do not need to pay back any tuition fees for this course. However, the funding accessed for MAP will reduce the amount remaining in a future Lifelong Learning Entitlement account. This is called the ‘residual entitlement’.

Course Starts in 108 Days
  • 28 October 2024 - 24 January 2025
  • 12 Weeks
    • £2312.50
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  • 3 March 2025 - 6 June 2025
  • 12 Weeks
    • £1625
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