Oxford Art Safari – Exploring Creativity in Summer: SUN PRINTING

Course overview

Harness the sun’s power to create blue-and-white images using found and foraged materials and a historic photographic process.

Discover the magic of cyanotype printing, a botanical print-making method that dates back to 1842 when Sir John Herschel first unveiled its fascinating potential. Under the expert guidance of tutor Etain O’Carroll, an accomplished artist and photographer, you’ll delve into the basics of cyanotype printing, composition, and development, unlocking the secrets of this historic process.

During this practical and immersive session, you’ll experiment with light-sensitive paper and various found and foraged materials, allowing you to unleash your creativity and produce one-of-a-kind images that capture the beauty of nature. Guided step-by-step by Etain, you’ll compose your image, expose it to sunlight, and develop it using water alone—no darkroom required!


This is a practical, hands-on session in which the tutor will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating your own sun prints by gathering appropriate materials, composing your image, and then exposing and developing it–all without a darkroom!

All necessary materials and instructions will be provided, but feel free to bring along any specific materials you’d like to incorporate into your designs. And while the chances of staining your clothes are minimal, an apron may come in handy for added protection. Don’t forget to bring an A4 folder or something flat to safely transport your masterpieces home.

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Tutor: Etain O’Carroll

Etain O’Carroll is an artist and photographer who uses sun printing to introduce historic photographic techniques.

Etain O’Carroll Photography

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