Multiply: Household Budgeting and Money Skills

Course overview

Whether you need to get better at managing your bills, budgeting, want to improve your potential at work, change careers or progress to further study, there is a Multiply course to help.

Join us for an engaging and hands-on learning experience where you’ll master the art of money management and budgeting without the headache of complex calculations. This course is tailored for adults seeking support in understanding UK currency and gaining confidence in budgeting.

  • Practical learning: Delve into practical, real-life scenarios to boost your numeracy and money management skills.
  • Free of charge: Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your skills at no cost.
  • No prior qualifications required: Jump right in, as no prior qualifications are needed to join this course.

Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about budgeting and lifelong learning. Our Multiply courses are not just about numbers; they’re about building a supportive community of learners.

This is one of a series of short-term courses to improve numeracy skills of adults (19+ Age). The focus is improving people’s ability to use maths in their daily life, at home and work – and enable adults in the future to achieve a formal qualification that can open doors into employment, job progression or further study.

Please note: These courses are free of charge and require a formal enrolment to be completed at the Guildford College Campus with the Admissions Team.


Join us for the practical learning of money and budgeting skills. You’ll learn Maths for everyday life.

 No prior qualifications are needed to complete this course.

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