Mola Art Stitching: One Day Workshop

Course overview

Mola Art Stitching is a fun and creative hand stitching reverse-applique technique which forms part of the traditional women’s clothing of the indigenous Guna people from Panamá.

Under the guidance of our expert tutor by the end of the day, you will produce a colourful fabric design inspired by Mola Art using processes of applique and embroidery.

The outcome of your project could be used for garments or for a decorative object like cushion covers or blankets.

You will learn:

  • The origins and techniques of Mola Arts
  • How to layer fabrics in order to create a patterned and unique image in its style
  • Basic embroidery skills to complete the decoration on your design

Step by step tutor demonstration and guidance on the processes of embroidery and applique.

Individual projects can be discussed with the tutor.

All basic materials are supplied, but you may wish to bring your own:

  • Synthetic felt A4 (roughly) in different colours, preferably in bright tones
  • Embroidery threads (different colours)
  • Embroidery needles (variations with large eye)
  • Beads and bead’s needles
  • Pin needles
  • Tracing paper
  • Pencils and paper

This course is for beginners and improvers a like.

Course Starts in 48 Days
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