Metal Sculpture : Beginners (Autumn)

Course overview

This six-week course will introduce you to the basics of working with metal to make a series of small sculptural objects that you can take away.

The course is suitable for beginners or those with some prior experience.

Learn the techniques required in making sculptural objects in steel:

  • cutting
  • bending
  • welding and joining small-scale metal

Please bring ideas, inspiration and scrap metal.

Please note: Metal Sculpture will run during term time only, over six Tuesday evenings from 6pm–9pm.

Expand and progress your Metal Sculpture skills with enrolling on the next level: Sculpting with Metal, where you will be able to explore different techniques to work with metal and create your own artwork.

This course is an introductory course intended for those who have little or no previous experience of working with metal.

Using examples of other artist’s work, a variety of approaches to working with metal will be explored. Lessons you will learn include:

  • how to work safely in the metal workshop
  • how to use some simple tools and techniques to cut, bend and roll steel sheet metal and rod
  • how to join metal by drilling, bolting, riveting and welding
  • a basic understanding of working with steel as a material for making sculptural works
  • experience in working in the workshop environment safely and productively

Lessons will include some elements of formal, teacher-led instruction, practical demonstration and group work.

This course is suitable for beginners and therefore there are no formal entry requirements.

All necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided.

Most of the materials are covered by the course fee, if participants would like to make larger pieces there might be an extra cost.

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