Mathematics GCSE

Course overview

If you narrowly miss out on achieving a grade 4 (grade C) at GCSE, this course provides an enjoyable and stimulating way of ensuring you gain the qualification, whilst also studying your other subjects. The AQA linear syllabus will be followed.

Modules include:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Probability
  • Geometry and measures
  • Statistics
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change

All 16–19 year olds on full-time programmes will be required to retake GCSE English and Maths or to undertake Functional Skills, if they have not already attained the equivalent of a GCSE grade C in these subjects, every year of their course, until they complete their studies.

Anyone wishing to go on to Higher Education and anyone wishing to achieve a grade 4 (grade C) or higher. Mathematics is often the qualification generally needed by employers. A grade 4 (C) is the minimum maths requirement for full degree courses.

Many Higher Education courses or professions require a grade 4 (C) pass in GCSE Mathematics.

Farnham College offers a one-year course which may be more suited to those who have previously found maths rather daunting.

Concepts will be learnt through a mixture of active-learning and discussion. Students’ common misconceptions will be challenged in order to aid understanding.

Problem solving will be undertaken individually and in groups, both with and without a calculator.

Homework: This will include regular problem solving to support topics currently being taught in class.
Set tasks will be online and on paper and the work will be differentiated.

Homework will require usually about two hours work per week.

You will need to complete a maths assessment to determine the most suitable starting point for your studies.

Necessary for many Level 3 and degree courses and also general employment.

You will need to have the standard mathematical equipment plus a scientific calculator.

A textbook list will be supplied prior to starting the course.

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