Junior Chef Academy

Course overview

The Junior Chef Academy is part of the Activate Learning Cookery School and is the starting point for young chefs in Years 9 to 11 who want to explore food and culinary arts.

You will be introduced to basic cookery methods and have an opportunity to cook foods from different cultures.

You will:

  • gain confidence in understanding what to cook
  • discover how to cook it and why we cook that way
  • begin to develop a curiosity for developing your own dishes

You need an interest in everything about cookery and a curiosity about how to cook. In addition, having a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn will really help you enjoy your experience.

We will be delivering half-termly courses throughout the year. Once you are 16, you will be able to progress onto our professional culinary study programs and apprenticeship programs.

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Course Starts in 112 Days
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Meet the tutors

We want our learners to feel welcome, safe and at ease when attending our classes, especially if this is your first time attending an adult education class or if you're coming back to education after a break.
If you're interested in one of courses, meet our tutors first! You'll see they have similar passions and interests and, most importantly, the right qualifications to help you make the most of your time and money.