Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking

Course overview

This introductory course is designed to equip aspiring filmmakers with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to embark on their documentary filmmaking journey. Whether you’re a novice or have some experience, this course will provide you with the tools to start telling impactful stories through the lens of a documentary filmmaker.

Please note: this course runs term-time only.


• Understanding the different styles and forms of documentary filmmaking
• Techniques for researching, developing, and refining documentary ideas
• Fundamentals of storytelling and narrative structure in documentaries
• Basics of camera work, lighting, and sound for documentary filmmaking
• Overview of interviewing techniques and capturing compelling footage
• Introduction to editing software and the post-production process
This course adopts a hands-on approach to learning documentary filmmaking, combining practical exercises with theoretical discussions and screenings. The learning experience will include:
Classroom Lectures and Discussions: Engaging sessions where key concepts and techniques will be explained, with opportunities for questions and discussions.
• Screenings and Analysis: Viewing and analysing a diverse range of documentary films to understand different styles, structures, and approaches used by filmmakers.
• Practical Exercises: Hands-on activities including short filming, interview simulations, and shooting exercises to apply learned concepts in real-world scenarios.
• Group Critiques: Providing constructive feedback on each other’s work to enhance understanding and improve filmmaking skills.
• Editing Workshops (With Full Access to Adobe Suite): Learning the basics of video editing software through guided tutorials and practice sessions to refine and polish documentary projects. (With Full access to Adobe Suite granted when joining the course) 
• Project Development: Guided development of a short documentary project from concept to completion, with instructor feedback and support throughout the process.
• Facebook Group for Support: To enhance your learning experience, we encourage all students to join our dedicated private Facebook group. This group serves as a platform for ongoing support, collaboration, and networking during and after the course. Here, you can ask questions, share resources, seek feedback on your work, and stay connected with your peers and instructor. It’s a valuable community where you can continue to grow your skills and receive guidance beyond the classroom.
You should have:
  • a basic familiarity with video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • enthusiasm for storytelling and visual media.

Welcome to the world of documentary filmmaking! I’m thrilled to be your guide on this creative journey.
My name is Mo Soliman and I bring a unique blend of expertise to the classroom. With over two years of teaching experience in film and media, I am passionate about empowering students with the technical skills and creative vision needed to excel in this dynamic field.


Before transitioning into teaching, I spent several years immersed in the animation industry. This background has enriched my approach to documentary filmmaking by emphasizing the importance of storytelling, visual communication, and attention to detail—qualities that are equally essential in both animation and documentaries.
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