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Whether you are illustrating just for fun or looking to make an application to a Master’s Degree course in illustration, you will find this a very useful, informative and engaging course.

The course runs over 10 weeks during term time only. Each term, the projects will be different so that you can try new approaches and build up a varied portfolio.

Tutor Linda Newcombe is an award-winning illustrator and artist whose illustration work is built around drawing, exploring a specific interest in storytelling.

You will learn about the principles of illustration, such as how drawing, different colour palettes, and illustration composition communicates differently to audiences. You’ll learn how to apply these principles to your own illustration work.

You will also discover how to start a project and open up to the research needed for your illustrations. You will then learn how to progress a project from the research stage by using sound illustration principles to achieve a better illustration workflow.

Those of you who are returning students will be able to enhance the skills you have previously practiced, try out new ideas, and test new methods. This will help you ultimately develop a more robust personal, or professional, practice. 

This is a hands on course involving plenty of practical creative drawing and painting work.
There will be slide-lectures, discussion, and handouts covering the basic principles of visual ‘literacy’ with exercises and optional homework for you to test your understanding.
You will be given set exercises and mini-projects early on, and later in the course you will be able to take on a more personal project.
You will be using artists’ materials to practice and develop your illustration throughout.
There will be opportunities to use different techniques and methods such as printmaking.

Though basic materials, such as drawing paper and pencils are provided, you should be prepared to have, and bring along, your own stock of good-quality art materials as the course progresses. These should give you more pleasure to use and produce better results.

Materials required would include a sketchbook, a selection of acrylic brushes, paint (acrylic, watercolour or gouache are fine) plus any pens, paint sticks, inks or brush-pens you would like to use.

Tutor Linda Newcombe is a visual artist based in Berkshire, UK. Her work straddles the areas of printmaking, animation and illustration.
Works include commissions, concept books, and short animation projects.
She teaches printmaking and illustration in Berkshire and London.

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