Illustration: Developing a Style

Course overview

This course runs over 10 weeks during term time only. The focus will differ each term so that you can try new approaches and build a varied portfolio.

Illustration: Developing a Style is about trying different ways of illustrating while searching for a style that suits you and in which you want to work. This is one of the challenges commonly faced by illustrators starting out, and the exercises in this course will help you identify your strengths and what you most enjoy doing. It may open up areas you didn’t think you could use, enabling your confidence to grow.

You’ll experience firsthand the array of techniques, from traditional drawing and painting to experimental mixed media and collage, with a dash of printmaking to ignite your creativity. Through hands-on exploration, you’ll not only master the fundamental principles of illustration but also cultivate your own distinctive style and artistic voice.

As you progress through the course, you’ll build a diverse portfolio and lay the groundwork for future endeavours. Whether you’re illustrating for pleasure or aiming to pursue further studies, our Illustration courses offer a stimulating and enriching learning environment tailored to your aspirations.

Tutor Linda Newcombe is an award-winning illustrator and artist whose illustration work is based on drawing and explores a specific interest in storytelling.


Which techniques will be covered?

  • You will work through set tasks, short exercises, and longer projects and try different approaches.
  • The main techniques will be painting, mixed media and collage, with a bit of printmaking thrown in for good measure!
  • This hands-on course involves plenty of practical, creative drawing and painting work.
  • There will be slide lectures, discussions, and handouts covering the basic principles of visual ‘literacy’ with exercises and optional homework to test your understanding.
  • You will be given set exercises and mini-projects early on, and later in the course, you can take on a more personal project.
  • There will be opportunities to use different techniques and methods, such as printmaking.

Basic materials are supplied, but if you want the best results and experience developing your illustration style, we would encourage you to have:

  • your own sketchbook
  • a set of your own brushes
  • your own artist-quality paints: acrylic, gouache, drawing inks etc
  • a palette
  • some good quality watercolour paper to continue exploring at home.

And don’t forget your old clothes or overalls for those particularly messy sessions!

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Discover the endless possibilities at City of Oxford College and embark on a creative journey.

Tutor: Linda Newcombe

Linda Newcombe is an award-winning illustrator and artist whose illustration work is based on drawing and explores a specific interest in storytelling.

Artist Linda Newcombe

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