Floral Designs for Christmas

Course overview

During this five-week evening course, you will explore and create beautiful Christmas designs. It is a lovely way to say thank you to a friend for hosting a dinner party or to decorate areas in your home in preparation for Christmas. You will be shown how to produce designs using a variety of seasonal flowers and foliages using a range of containers, accessories and materials.

This course is suitable for those interested in floral design and floristry, either newcomers or those with some previous experience and a passion and enthusiasm for flowers.

PLEASE NOTE: The fees do not include flowers, you are required to provide your own flowers and will be sent a scheme of works advising which flower/sundries to bring each week.

Throughout this course, you will learn a variety of techniques per week, including:

  • week 1: advent wreath
  • week 2: topiary tree
  • week 3: garland
  • week 4: festive table centre
  • week 5: Christmas gift

You will learn through practical hands-on session and demonstrations

At Merrist Wood College we pride ourselves on creating the balance between educating our customers on the technical aspects involved whilst still allowing individual flair and creativity. This enables learners to leave with a unique and personalised arrangement. Taught by expert teaching staff who provide an excellent standard of training.

Week 1: advent wreath

  • 15–20 flowers, such as, Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Eustoma, Eryngium, Freesia, Helleborus
  • a stem filler flower such as: Wax Flower, Gypsophila
  • small seasonal foliage, such as, Tree Ivy, Hebe, Pittosporum, Conifer
  • 12” wreath frame
  • candle cups
  • four dinner candles
  • six cinnamon sticks

Week 2: topiary tree

  • 15 – 20 flowers, such as small Roses, Spray Chrysanthemums, Eryngium, Gypsophilia
  • 60cm tall foliage, like, Pittosporum, Ruscus
  • some small seasonal foliage
  • baubles
  • pinecones
  • battery operated lights
  • container
  • trunk secured in small plastic pot with patching plaster

Week 3: garland

  • bin liner, the size of cut foliage, such as: Holly, Tree Ivy, Bay, Conifer
  • long lasting flowers, like, carnations
  • reel wire
  • rope
  • ribbon

Week 4: festive table centre

  • 15–20 flowers such as Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Eustoma, Eryngium, Freesia, Hellebourus
  • a stem filler, such as, Wax Flower, Gypsophlia
  • seasonal foliage, such as, Tree Ivy, Hebe, Pittosporum, Conifer, Blue Spruce
  • miniature decorations
  • floral foam
  • pot tape
  • baubles
  • pinecones

Week 5: christmas gift

  • 12–15 flowers, such as, Roses, Carnations, Freesia, Hypericum
  • three large Ivy leaves
  • square container
  • ribbon
  • floral foam
  • mossing pins
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