English GCSE Part Time: Day

Course overview

You will be assessed in three key areas: reading, writing and speaking and listening.

You will also gain the ability to construct and convey meaning in written standard English. You will be tested through a combination of controlled assessments and external exams.

The times for these classes vary, with classes in the day and evening, so please contact us and we will try to find a day and time suitable for you to study.

If you do not have a minimum grade of 4 (C) in English at GCSE, then you can study this course for free, if you have already obtained a grade 4 (C) or higher the fees are £450 for UK students and £774 for international students.

The course aims to develop your abilities:

To communicate effectively in speech and writing
To listen with understanding
To be enthusiastic responsive and knowledgeable readers.

You will have the opportunity to talk and listen in a variety of contexts read a wide variety of literature non-fiction and media texts.

You will investigate geographical issues through a variety of teaching and learning styles, including group discussions, case studies, presentation and written work. Fieldwork covering aspects of human and physical geography forms an integral and compulsory part of this course. There are 2 exams at the end of the 2nd year of the course, one in Physical Geography and one in Human Geography. A written coursework project of 3000-4000 words makes up the remaining 20% of the qualification.

You will be asked to attend an initial assessment with a tutor to identify which course is right for you.

Students need to make a firm commitment to attend for the whole course.

Course Starts in 16 Days
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We want our learners to feel welcome, safe and at ease when attending our classes, especially if this is your first time attending an adult education class or if you're coming back to education after a break.
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