Drawing Dance and Movement Workshop

Course overview

This Drawing Dance and Movement workshop is a wonderful introduction to drawing from life and offers the learner a lively exploration of the anatomy of the body, its proportions, silhouettes and movement through dance.

A dancer will be present throughout the day to enable you to find ways of recreating the movement onto paper. Through direct observation you’ll explore the different ways to express movement, angles and the energy of dance, developing a range of responses and a series of accomplished drawings.

The course has been designed to be easily accessible to students of all levels (beginners to experienced) and the mixture of drawing, with movement and music, is very absorbing.

You will learn how to draw from observation, whilst attempting to recreate the feeling of movement. Although challenging, it is also very liberating.

You will learn by receiving one to one guidance, as well as group tuition.

You will also learn through working as part of a group and observing the work of your peers.

This workshop is open to all levels of ability. There will be plenty of guided tuition, support and examples to follow.

Basic materials will be provided, but you may like to bring your own paper, sketchbooks, pencils, charcoal and pastels.

We will only be using dry materials, as the class will take place within a specialist dance studio.

You may wish to bring a cushion to sit on the floor, a small portable easel or drawing board to lean on.

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