Digital Photography Portrait: Intermediate

Course overview

Discover the secrets of successful portraiture, or those special moments for the family album.

To get the most out of our Digital Photography: Portrait course, it is recommended that you have some knowledge of depth of field, motion capture and ISO setting.

These skills are taught on our Digital Photography for Beginners Course.

There are a limited number of FREE places available on this course, for those aged 19 and over (at the start of the course) and who either have a mental health condition or difficulty, are employed and earning an annual salary less than £17,004 per annum, in receipt of state benefit in your own name and unemployed or working and earning less than £338 per month (or £541 for household claims), are a single parent, or have a social or emotional difficulty.

For further details and to apply please email us. To find out more and to view the terms and conditions please view our Community Wellbeing page

Gain confidence in photographing people through practical work indoors and out, teaching you invaluable skills in lighting, composition and poses to produce a beautiful portrait portfolio.

Our Digital Photography: Portrait course is for those wishing to learn how to take flattering portraits of friends and family using the full potential of camera and lenses in any lighting situation.

You will develop a better understanding of how light affects a portrait and how to make the most of any situation. You will be inspired to use the full potential of your camera and lenses.

This is a very hands-on, practical course. Please bring your own DSLR or Bridge camera.

To get the most out of our Digital Photography intermediate course, it is recommended that you are able to control depth of field, capture motion and have an understanding of the ISO setting.

These skills are taught on our Digital Photography for Beginners course.

You can develop your interest in photography further through a range of creative and practical photography courses at Banbury and Bicester College.

One you’ve completed this course, you could progress to:

  • Digital Photography Landscape
  • Experimental Creative Photography
  • Photoshop for Beginners
  • Photoshop-project based.

Learn how to create beautiful portraits with the minimum of gear. We limit the course to a maximum of eight students to enable the tutor to help everyone individually.

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